Why Tribal Connect?

In today’s internet-driven justice and service climate, results and accountability are the key to almost every aspect of funding, accreditation, and most importantly the success of the individuals being served.  


Tribal Connect has a deep respect for the individuality of each court therefore we combine your mission with our digital expertise to become the essential partner to assist you with workflow from pre-trial through re-entry back into the community resulting in a reduction in recidivism while providing supporting data documentation that demonstrates your success.

Diversion to Re-Entry

Today, a trend is moving toward decreasing recidivism through a system of services approach that identifies need and risk, creates a referral pathway and the ability to track the individual's progress over time.  It is critical that an automated system be able to clearly articulate the flow of this cascade of services and how an individual is able to navigate through your Court system vs. getting stuck along the way or worse yet repeat offending that may go unnoticed when using a "paper-only" system.

Finding a Court Case Management Software Suite that is able to assess need and evaluate risk is essential in today's Justice systems.  Without setting a solid baseline followed by intervals of measurement over time, it is nearly impossible to predict or record continued wellness or recidivism data.  Without that data, it is difficult to demonstrate both the overall effectiveness of your Court and the quality improvement needs that will need to be identified and rectified going forward.

Function & Flow

Court function(s) and workflow are critical to be able to demonstrate for both justice staff and the general public who may find themselves having to interface at some point. The right justice system software will assist you with educating all stakeholders regarding the judicial process, alternative to incarceration options and the importance of evaluating progress to reduce recidivism that are key to a successful justice system.

Data Flow Analysis

Tribal Connect can assist you with mapping and documenting your workflow to ensure that it is functioning in a manner that meets your desired intent and if not then making the necessary changes to the system that is supported within a simple to use digital environment. It is essential for Justice systems to modernize and strategize in terms of knowing the intent, utility and practical application of a successful court process.


Tribal Connect would be honored to have the opportunity to provide a data mapping service and workflow analysis culminating with recommendations for you to improve your system through the use of digital resources. We can assist you with creating an effective and logical plan of action that can be deployed in your justice system.


Best of all, we will assist you with this important process without a service fee.  You can keep the professional reports generated for use in planning, accreditation or funding proposals regardless if you do or do not purchase our software.