How can we help you
"Keep I.T. Simple?"

We understand that those you serve are family,
friends, and neighbors.

Bringing your Tribe's unique values
& tradition into your services.

Why not choose a system developed for your Tribe instead
of adopting a Western model?


 All information is available in 3 click or less of the mouse.


We understand that Tribal Courts are unique. Your tribe has specific customs and traditions that may not be true of another. Tribal Justice requires a respectful compassion that leads to integration back into the community. We know that the individuals in your system are not strangers. They are relations, friends, and neighbors.


Our primary concern is security of your information via Bank/military grade security software housed in a facility that is dedicated full-time to the protection of your data - In sync with both HIPPA and 42 CFR Regulations - Multiple levels of passwords to access the system - Every user's clicks are logged while in the system - Each user is assigned a security level and can only access a certain depth of information.


We know that Tribes need a system that provides a holistic picture of individuals moving through their system and an accurate mapping of their data flow.  An understanding of the connection to your community of service support providers is essential to reducing recidivism. We are experts at mapping, managing and supporting the data between agencies to promote the individual's wellness while connecting to your network of supporting service providers.

Introductory ONE TIME licensing cost.

NO hidden fees.

When we contract for a price,
all work is scoped out and priced prior to purchase.