Available Software Products

Court Management Modules

The Court Management Modules provide your agency with all the tools to operate an efficient and effective tribal justice agency.

Each module (Civil, Criminal, Family, Wellness, Traditional) can operate independently or can work in tandem to fulfill all the needs of your particular system.


Criminal Justice Modules

Criminal Justice support infrastructure is crucial to the overall success and fair delivery of justice. Therefore, Tribal Connect will bring the digital resources to your staff that will help you fulfill your mission.

More importantly, real-time communication communication between all stakeholders will improve the efficiency, clarity and consistency of how you accomplish your critical tasks and give you a digital record of just what your staff has done.

Case Management Modules

Outside agencies are crucial to reducing recidivism, if they work in concrete with Tribal justice systems.

Case management agencies like alcohol and drug treatment, mental health centers, medical and social services are often housed in a different physical locations and operated different from the court's jurisdiction and responsibility which often hampers clear, concise and timely communication.

Tribal Connect software suite successfully bridges these gaps and effectively creates a digital multi-user environment that allows all stakeholders to communicate on a single platform.


Behavioral Health Modules

These agencies form the basis for awareness, integration and recovery for individuals involved in the Tribal Justice System.

Most often, behavioral health agencies function as the first line of defense for individuals who are dealing with co-occuring issues that may affect their status with the court. To include these agencies on the rehabilitation team will only increase the person's chances for successfully navigating out of the justice system and will greatly improve their chances for not returning to the system.

Tribal Connect, through digital applications, will bring all stakeholders together in a seamless fashion to work with each individual as if the case is a single episode of service.